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Security Consultancy

Security Consultancy

The global risk climate has changed. However, while people and organisations are aware of security issues, they may not be focusing on the right ones.

In some cases companies may be bolstering their corporate headquarters yet leaving offices out in the field – which are often in more risky environments – exposed. Whether the cause of risk is political, social, criminal or military, Proguard has the experience and expertise to deliver peace of mind.

We provide security support and guidance to allow local management to get on with the job in hand – wherever in the world a business may wish to work. With local knowledge and intelligence gained through our own established networks, we can help to minimise risk whatever the circumstances.

Proguard can help by providing:

  • Interim security management – we can provide a dedicated security consultant to develop sound security practices and ensure that policies are integrated at strategic and local level.
  • Corporate security reviews – we can undertake a complete and independent review of a client’s security structures, procedures and policies.
  • Security audits – we conduct physical security surveys of offices, plants and facilities (including oil platforms, mine sites etc.), taking into consideration tactical security procedures.
  • Security programme design – we design and implement security programmes, taking into account organisational structures, policies and practices.
  • Security design solutions – we design sophisticated physical security systems – either during the planning stage of construction or in existing buildings, including access control and intruder detection systems, project management of security installations and physical security penetration testing.
  • Event security – we provide intelligence-led security for high-profile events such as AGMs, trade shows and other corporate and sporting events.
  • Transportation security consulting – we have a number of in-house experts who are available to provide security advice specific to maritime, air, road and rail operators.