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Grosvenor House, 1 Grosvenor Road, Prescot, Merseyside L34 6HY

24 Hour Control

24 Hour Control

Proguard Security operate a 24 hour / 365 day Communications Centre, giving support to their Employees, offering reassurance and Confidence to their Customer a comprehensive Intruder & Attack Alarm System linked to an outside Monitoring Station protects the Communications Centre.

A CCTV Access control System is also utilised to ensure the safety of their Control Personnel and Guarantee only bona-fide authorised persons are allowed access. It should be obvious that any efficient security company would have a 24 hour control room.

Unfortunately with some security companies, this is not always the case. With security guards and patrols covering many properties throughout the day and night, it is vitally important be aware of the efficiency of these officers as well as Health and Safety aspects at all sites.

Security officers at all sites are required to book on and off duty with the control room, and to make hourly check calls.

In the unlikely event that a call is missed, then the officer is required to explain the reason to the mobile supervisor.

We are aware of the importance of dealing with calls from CCTV. and Alarm Monitoring stations quickly and efficiently, and ensuring that they are attended by the patrols within twenty minutes.

Although we believe that we offer a quality service, we are constantly striving to improve our services to all of our clients. The Control Room is also included in the BS EN ISO9001:2000 accreditation.