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CCTV Remote Monitoring

CCTV Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring through CCTV technology provides an effective method of monitoring a site reducing the need for permanent manned guarding. From our control room, our operators can observe activity that might be taking place on site. CCTV remote monitoring provides perimeter protection as well as visual verification.

CCTV monitoring technology provides vital information for the police in the event of an intrusion. We provide audio and visual verification which enable our control operators to see and hear intruders through cameras and microphones which transmit real-time sounds and can track and pinpoint the location of the intruder through our point identification and sequential verification technology.

Proguard’s dedicated CCTV remote monitoring centre responds to CCTV system activations 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Proguard utilises all the latest technology to secure your premises. Whilst CCTV systems are an effective crime deterrent, the effects of any potential threats can be minimised through immediate action.

A remote monitored CCTV and Site Management System can not only detect an activation but our highly skilled trained and concerned analysts are able to differentiate between false and real activations, reducing the number of potential false call outs and can act accordingly to the information received. Our approved links to all UK Police Control Rooms mean that if your site is attacked, our trained analysts can liaise quickly and efficiently with the police.

When intelligently linked with remote monitoring, CCTV can also prevent crime, with our full audio facilities, which enables our analysts to give warnings to potential attackers or assistance to staff, customers and other visitors to the site.

In addition to detector activated CCTV monitoring Proguard’s Remote Response Centre can also offer a number of building management and bespoke services to our customers. by remotely controlling gates and access barriers via the CCTV transmission equipment, the need to have a manned security guard is eliminated.

By linking customers’ Personal Attack Alarms to the CCTV system, a highly skilled Controller can determine whether the cause if the activation warrants Police intervention, thereby decreasing the number of false activations, which would have resulted in the withdrawal of a Police response.